Design a Benefit Plan That Meets Each of Your Employees’ Unique Needs

The ACCE Benefits Team can help you compare insurance benefit options and build the plan that fits your organization’s budget and your employees’ needs.

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Ready. Set. Go!

Make sure you have everything you need – including accident and travel protection – before your next big trip.

Find out how you can cover yourself for as little as $15 per year, or $30 for you and your family, through ACCE’s Accident insurance.

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Is Your Benefits Plan Missing Something?

Benefits are a key piece of the puzzle when attracting and keeping the right employees. Is your organization offering the right mix of employee benefits and getting the competitive cost and service you need?

Find out with a quick comparison.

Key Employee Insurance

Chamber leaders make a difference every day. The untimely loss of one of these key employees can be financially devastating.

Now, the ACCE Benefits Trust brings you Key Employee Insurance to protect your organization.

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