2016 HR Toolkit

ThinkHR – ACCE’s free HR Hotline and Compliance Resource for members with an ACCE Insurance / 401K Plan – is providing these resources to all ACCE members for a limited  time.

When you download the HR Toolkit from ThinkHR, you’ll get checklists for important human resources functions and ensure compliance, including:

  • Quick 2016 HR Practices Checklist
  • Federal HR Compliance Chart
  • Federal Recordkeeping Checklist
  • Employer ACA Checklists
  • Workers Compensation Checklist
  • Summary of Payroll, Retirement & Unemployment Limits

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ACCE members with an ACCE Insurance group plan or a 401k get free access to ThinkHR, a cloud-based service that aims to reduce HR liability through a live expert hotline, 200+ online compliance courses, compensation tools, employee handbook builders, and employee classification step-by-step guides.