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Here you will find the answers to questions that ACCE is most frequently asked. If your question is not answered here, or you need more information, please contact us at and a member of the ACCE Benefits Team will be happy to assist you.

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ACCE understands the challenges many Chambers and community-based organizations face as a small business. Offering a competitive employee benefits package is one of the biggest challenges, but it is a necessity in order to attract and retain top employees. However, many organizations don’t have the time or resources to shop the full employee benefit market and negotiate with providers. That’s why ACCE has done the legwork for you and provides you with access to popular, high quality products at affordable rates.

The products offered through ACCE were chosen for their comprehensive offerings and affordable group insurance rates. We have vetted national providers to find you leading products in the industry.

Each product provided is not only part of most standard employee benefits packages but offer some additional options for employees to purchase on their own. Because of ACCE’s large membership base, the rates quoted on ACCE plans are comparable to those offered to large private employers.

For our employer-offered group products, you can submit an online quote or download a Request for Quote form and select which products you would like to cover all of your employees. We recommend that you request a quote on all offerings in order to benchmark your current plans or to see if there are additional products that might fit within your benefits budget. It only takes moments for us to compare. You can also email us at and request a quote for the products you desire.

For our individual or voluntary offerings, you can follow the instructions on each product’s page to go to the provider’s quote page for the plan.

Generally a quote can be offered within 48 hours, provided all the information is available or completed on your Request for Quote form. Coverage can then be established as soon as your employees’ paperwork is complete and approved and payment has been received. Waiting periods vary by product, and you have the ability to select which option fits your organization the best.

Because ACCE has used the group buying power of the entire ACCE membership, we have been able to negotiate the best possible rates. Generally this means that we’re able to offer lower rates that you could find on your own or as a small business group.

Request a Quote today to find out just how affordable the rates are for each product.

ACCE members and their employees qualify to apply for each of the group products offered. Some insurance products do have eligibility guidelines for your employees. For more information, please review the specific product or products that you are interested in or email the ACCE Benefits Team at

Feel free to contact the ACCE Benefits Team at or download the general information kits available on each product page for further information.

We know you’re busy, so everything can be conveniently handled on the phone or through email. We’re here to offer as much support as you need.

ACCE has a dedicated Benefits Team with years of experience and deep knowledge of the products. They’re there to answer any question that comes up regarding coverage, terms, usage, conversion, payments and more.

We believe that a team that not only know benefits but knows how Chambers work provides the highest level of service you can ask for. Contact the ACCE Benefits Team at

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