As healthcare costs rise and wait-times for doctor appointments keep extending—there is a way to save both time and money on costly co-pays for doctor visits, urgent care and ER visits for you and your employees.

ACCE’s Call a Doctor Plus powered by Teladoc is your go-to for 24/7 access to a U.S. Board Certified doctor in your state by phone, web video, or phone app. You can get immediate help—even in the middle of the night and on weekends—so you can eliminate costly co-pays and lower visits to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room if all you need is an immediate prescription or diagnosis.

Plus, with just a 14-minute wait time on average to talk to a doctor, you and your employees will miss less work time for doctor visits.

Benefits For Employees and Their Families

  • Avoid costly co-pays and Emergency Room visits over weekends or evenings when the family doctor isn’t available
  • Immediate prescriptions when an in-person doctor’s appointment is hours or days away
  • Reliable care and treatment plans available in the privacy of one’s home

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduction in employee time away from work for doctor appointments
  • Overall healthcare costs can be dramatically reduced when employees rely on their Teladoc doctors and counselors instead of in-person visits
  • Provides you with maximum plan design flexibility and helps you attract and keep the best talent

Best of All, Teladoc is Affordable

Call a Doctor Plus from Teladoc is available either as an employer or employee paid plan, whichever you choose, all at one low monthly cost:

Employer Paid – Just $10.95/month

Employee Paid – Just $14.95/month

Enroll your organization in either option today! Check out the enrollment instructions here or call ACCE insurance sales at 1-800-601-1016.

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